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Fibromyalgia Canberra

Is Exercise Physiology the Best Treatment for Fibromyalgia?There is plenty of evidence in science today that Fibromyalgia (FMS) does exist. Exercise Physiology and Massage Therapy are the two best treatment modalities for this complex syndrome. For you, it is important to find a balance between exercising too much and not doing anything at all. Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy manipulates the tissue to reduce tension throughout the body. Whilst exercise keeps you …Read More

Chronic Pain Canberra

Chronic Pain Canberra Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating. Unfortunately, one in five Australians experience chronic pain, this includes Canberra. It is associated with 40% of early retirements in Australia and is the third most costly health burden. The incidence of chronic pain is predicted to increase by 10% per decade for the next four decades. Chronic pain is when a person experiences pain that can range from intense, to a milder …Read More

Massage Belconnen

Massage BelconnenYou are in Belconnen and need a Massage, I (Daniel O’Sullivan) have provided for you all the leading Massage clinics for you in your favourite location of Belconnen.Accelr8 RehabOf Course, Accelr8 Rehab is the number one Massage Clinic in Belconnen if you have pain and discomfort. In particular, if you have chronic pain or persistent pain, a Massage or Myotherapy will reduce your pain and enable you to go about …Read More

Massage Canberra

Massage Canberra Everyone loves a good Massage. It can be the difference between having a good night’s sleep and being awake all night. Having a Massage in Canberra can take you from a stressful situation, to being able to breath easy and resolve your pain and discomfort. Most people agree that massage makes you feel good. But what does it really do for you? The Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) …Read More

Exercise and Movement are Two Different Things

Not everyone needs to exercise. In fact, only 5-6% of the population have a gym membership. Exercise sessions with a personal Trainer or exercise classes are out of reach for most of the population. This is because it takes money for a membership, the ‘right’ clothes, time, travel and many other variables for an exercise session to take place. Why then does society keep pushing exercise sessions on you? If …Read More

How to restore 4 Happy Hormones when you have Persistent Pain

How to restore 4 Happy Hormones when you have Persistent Pain Yes, there are happy hormones and you may be missing out. I have observed people in persistent pain change over the years because they are not receiving their fair share of happy hormones regularly throughout their body. Let me explain. There are hormones that mask physical pain, these are called endorphins. The release of endorphins within someone with persistent …Read More

3 do or die health indicators your GP is not measuring

Have you had your cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure monitored recently. If you haven’t you probably should. But are these indicators a true measure of the state of our health? Also, if these ‘health’ indicators are outside the ‘normal’ range, how are they adjusted? Of course, the obvious answer is to increase your exercise and eat better. Your GP may suggest this. But if you have a blood test …Read More

Persistent Pain: 5 indications you are with the right therapist

Persistent Pain: 5 indications you are with the right therapist Let’s face it, most of us have therapists these days or we are therapists. I am an exercise/injury/rehab therapist who specialises in persistent painful conditions of the human body. This means, I listen to you and give you sensible advice or I treat you and give you achievable targets to accomplish. So aren’t all therapists like this? You ask. Haha, …Read More

Remedial Massage Belconnen

Remedial Massage Belconnen   Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy is the skilled manipulation of soft tissue for the relief and treatment of muscle soreness and pain; the maintenance of muscle balance and the enhanced rehabilitation from injury. Together with the soft tissue therapy, specific Exercise Prescription provides the stability and postural control which is evidently lacking in many musculoskeletal conditions.           The clinic is located …Read More