November 30


Victim Support ACT Massage Therapy Presentation

By Dan

November 30, 2010

The Presentation

On February 11, 2009, an icy morning in Canberra, Australia, I was given the opportunity to speak to the dedicated team at Victim Support ACT (VSACT). I was joined by two other colleagues. Our main goal was to emphasise how massage therapy can benefit individuals who have suffered the trauma of being victims of crime. We aimed to explain how manual therapy, when applied thoughtfully, can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety.

We spent a large portion of our talk discussing the impacts of stress on the body. We honed in on a particular part of our anatomy called the fascia. The fascia, a web-like network that surrounds our muscles and organs, reacts to our internal and external stress levels. It essentially bears the brunt of our stress, showing physical signs when we are mentally strained.

My colleagues and I also discussed how the fascia, which is often neglected in conventional therapy, could actually be key to understanding and treating the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. We explained how our bodies respond to traumatic incidents, subtly changing in response to these events. These changes often manifest as physical discomfort or ailments.

We explored the concept of tight muscles or "trigger points" in the fascia, which can limit your movement and make it hard to stretch. We gave special attention to the thoracic outlet, an area located between your collarbone and your first rib. This area often tightens up as a physical response to stress and anxiety.

To provide assistance to crime victims in Canberra, ACT, we suggested visiting the VSACT website and viewing our PowerPoint presentation. Our presentation offered valuable information on how massage therapy can aid in the management of stress and anxiety for victims of crime. We hoped to offer a fresh perspective on how holistic therapy, in combination with traditional methods, could make a significant difference in their lives.

If you are a victim of crime and live in Canberra ACT follow this link:

VSACT Website

Powerpoint Presentation here

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