August 9


Utilization of Kinesio Taping for Fascia Unloading

By Dan

August 9, 2015

My most recent article has been published in the:

International Journal of Athletic Therapy & Training, Vol 16 Issue 4, July

The emerging strategy of fascia unloading, defined as reducing tension in the inter- connected fascia layers in response to the mechanical load applied to the tissue during movement, has recently gained popularity as a potential method for enhancing injury rehabilitation and promoting muscular performance. Please enter your details below to obtain the full manuscript.

[optinlock id=”4″]Kinesio Taping (KT) is a therapeutic procedure that is believed to facilitate fascial unloading. The practice gained international exposure at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where athletes from various sports (i.e., track and field, cycling, tennis, and badminton) wore Kinesiotape. Kinesiotape Fascia Unloading Download PDF[/optinlock]


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