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Exercise after Bariatric Surgery in Canberra

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Exercise after Bariatric Surgery in Canberra

How to Exercise after Bariatric Surgery

Have you had or planning to have a Bariatric Surgery in Canberra or Sydney?

Have you considered what to do after the surgery to optimise strength and maintain your weight loss results long term? 

Keep reading.

Firstly what is Bariatric Surgery? 

It is a surgical procedure altering the digestive system most commonly used for those who fall into the obese category and are experiencing serious health conditions due to their weight. The surgery can see the patient losing weight at a more accelerated rate, aiming to reduce the risk of their comorbidities further causing a decline in condition.

What is often missed is the importance of maintaining a regular exercise routine after the surgery due to its many benefits.

Following the Steps Below will give you a great start in exercising again.

Step 1

  • Exercising for 30 minutes at a moderate intensity can use up to 150-300kcal which will further support creating an energy deficit resulting in weight loss.
  • Step 2

  • Exercise, specifically resistance training can increase muscle mass and changes in body composition. Post Bariatric Surgery it is very common to see a huge reduction in muscle mass and strength.
  • Step 3

  • Having a regular exercise routine will lessen the chances of regaining weight in the future
  • Step 4

  • Exercise is very important to optimise cardiovascular health and reduce chances of developing serious long term health conditions
  • Step 5

  • Exercise can help to increase energy levels, which is a common side affect post Bariatric Surgery
  • Let's Get Together Now

    Take home note- Bariatric Surgery can be successful BUT must be used in conjunction with exercise prescription from an Exercise Physiologist and nutritional guidance from an Accredited Dietitian.

    If you have any questions about how exercise might benefit you on your journey, book a free chat with me!

    The Best Resources for Exercise after Bariatric Surgery in Canberra

    Accelr8 Rehab

    As mentioned above Accelr8 Rehab is the best place for you if you need to start exercising and management after Bariatric Surgery. Exercise Physiology prescription is a great way to get you moving.

    Bariatric Surgeons in Canberra ACT 2601 | HealthShare

    Dr Charles Mosse is an Australian-based health professional. Charles is trained as a Bariatric (Obesity) Surgeon, Upper GI Surgeon (Abdominal) and has a practice located in Kingston.

    Special interests

    Special interest in Upper GI surgery and Bariatric (obesity) surgery.


    Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, 2000.

    Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, 1991.

    Australian Capital Territory Bariatric Surgeons - New Body ...

    Directory of Australian Capital Territory Bariatric Surgeons for Weight Loss Surgery

    The following are a list of recommended Australian Capital Territory Bariatric Surgeons and clinics designed to help combat struggles with obesity via a wide range of surgical procedures tailored to help create and redefine the new you. Always choose a well qualified bariatric surgeon – A member of ANZMOSS 

    Canberra Bariatric

    Canberra Bariatric is Canberra's leading Specialist Centre
    for Metabolic and Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery. Our focus is restoring health through the long-term management
    of the chronic disease of obesity.

    Our Team includes Specialist Surgeons, GPs, Dieticians, Nurses and program coordinators.

    Canberra Bariatric moved to the Kingston Foreshore in January 2016. Our new clinic on the waterfront provides a private and pleasant environment for your assessment.

    Two years after having her stomach stapled, Libby started ...

    At 135kg, it took Libby 10 minutes to roll onto her side and then onto her knees before slowly making her way to her feet. The pressure on her knees and feet was enormous.

    Obesity Management Service | Health

    What is obesity?

    Obesity describes somebody who is very overweight, with a high degree of body fat.

    The most widely used method to assess a person’s weight is the body mass index (BMI), which is your weight in kilograms divided by your height in metres squared. If your BMI is:

    • 25-29, you would be considered overweight
    • 30-40, you would be considered obese
    • 40 and over, you would be considered very obese.

    Another useful method is to measure around your waist. Men whose waist measurement is 94cm or more and women whose waist measurement is 80cm or more are more likely to develop obesity-related health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

    Obesity causes day to day problems such as:

    • breathlessness
    • increased sweating
    • snoring or difficulty sleeping
    • inability to cope with sudden physical activity
    • feeling very tired every day
    • back and joint pains

    Obesity can also cause harmful changes you may not notice, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It can be damaging to your quality of life and is often a trigger for depression.

    What is the Obesity Management Service?

    The Obesity Management Service supports adults with a high level of obesity to improve their health and wellbeing. Our team includes doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists.  The Service focuses on people with a high risk of developing complications from obesity or who already have additional health problems.

    The Obesity Management Service encourages sustainable healthy lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise) and intensive treatments as required. These intensive treatments include rapid weight loss diets (very low energy or ketosis diets), weight loss medications and identification of patients suitable for publicly funded weight loss surgery.  Further information is available for patients (include link) and clinicians (include link).

    For more information, please refer to information sheets that are available for patients and clinicians or contact us by ph 02 5124 1552, fax 6205 1198 or email [email protected].

    Weight Loss Surgery Costs | Pricing | The BMI Clinic

    Non-surgical Procedure & Program Costs

    What are the standard inclusions across all non-surgical programs?

    • Comprehensive support program delivered by experts
    • Full cost of the device (balloon, Overstitch or Aspire Assist) included
    • All surgeon, hospital & anaesthetist fees included (no surprise bills)
    • Unlimited face-to-face consultations with your Bariatric Physician

    Extreme makeover: how losing 50kg changes everything ...

    Kate Gibbs's life, at 78kg, is everything her surgeon promised her it would be.

    She can keep up with her six-year-old daughter Misty at a playground. She can walk up a set of stairs without heaving to fill her lungs, and she can sit comfortably in movie and aeroplane seats.

    But there are many, many unexpected side effects of losing 50kg that Kate didn't expect - some amazing, some alarming.

    Like how she went for a job interview and the interviewer complained to Kate how "morbidly obese" the previous candidate had been.

    And how she now gets stared at by both women and men.

    She no longer has to spend the line-up for a rollercoaster ride on the Gold Coast stressing about whether the safety bar is going to extend down over her large breasts, or she'll be forced off the ride in front of a crowd.

    But one of the biggest - and most pleasant surprises - has been good news not just for 37-year-old Kate, but also for her partner Jeremy. Kate never realised, but at 128kg, her stomach was always in the way during sex.

    "Our sex life used to be okay, but it's a hell of a lot better now," Kate says.

    "A lot of it is about just having more energy."

    Early last year, after more than a decade of dieting, exercising, Michelle Bridges-ing and Jenny Craig-ing, Kate made the extreme decision to undergo bariatric surgery - weight loss surgery for the obese. She'd never been an overweight child or teen but put on 26kg rapidly in 2016 when she quit smoking.

    Gastric Balloon Program - Healthy Weight


    Gastric Balloon - coming soon

    For weight loss

    • Expect weight loss of around 10-15kg in the first 3 months*.
    • At the end of the 12 month program patients can reduce their weight by up to 10-30 kg*.
    • As with any life style change results depend on change!
    • CompleteCare is designed for you to achieve this change.

    Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve - Healthy Weight

    Body Lift (After Weight Loss) - The CAPS Clinic Canberra

    Massive weight loss is an achievement to be celebrated, but once you have lost the weight, your skin rarely retracts and the excess skin is left behind. This may be affecting your arms, thighs, breasts, tummy, thighs, or all of them. It may also be affecting your confidence and your daily life. The results from a body lift can see you fitting into clothes better, find walking and exercising easier, or return to driving or activities that your excess skin may have been preventing.

    A body lift is major surgery but the results will restore shape and definition and allow the patients to finally enjoy their new, lighter self.

    Dr Alastair Taylor FRACS

    posted July 11, 2021

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