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3 Reasons you need to exercise when you have Prostate Cancer

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3 Reasons you need to exercise when you have Prostate Cancer

The Benefits of Exercising When You Have Prostate Cancer

Exercise and prevention of prostate cancer if you live in Canberra. Established scientific evidence shows that regular and vigorous physical exercise prevents and help treat some prostate cancers.

Limits Negative Side Effects of Chemo

Regular Exercise during the treatment of your Prostate can limit the felling of you being sick.

Increases Bone Density During Treatment

Adding force and resistance to your body will help limit the loss of bone.

Increases Your Energy for Work and Play

Maintaining your strength and aerobic endurance will help your energy at home.

Prostate Cancer and You:

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among males in Canberra and in Australia. Being physically active can help in the recovery and management of the disease through reducing treatment-related side effects. There are multiple forms of treatment for prostate cancer which unfortunately leads to a number of side effects and symptoms.

Exercise plays a role in reducing the number and severity of side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, bone loss, anxiety and depression. It also helps improve or maintain your physical function after treatment and reduces the risk of recurrence and the risk of developing other chronic diseases.

What can you do?

Exercise is safe and depending on the severity of your symptoms, can be catered to your likes and preferences. An Exercise Physiologist like me, can design and modify a program that will be achievable and maybe even a little bit fun. All sessions are located at our private Clinic in Weetangera in Canberra

To achieve the best outcomes, it is recommended to build up to moderate levels of aerobic physical activity each week (the stuff that makes you puff) and 1-3 resistance-based sessions a week (the stuff that makes you stronger).

When you have a chat with me, we will create an exercise plan that builds towards reaching these recommendations and gaining the benefits. Your program will be individualised and realistic, catering for the days where symptoms are especially intense.

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posted April 25, 2022

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