November 30


The Public Service Dirty 4

By Dan

November 30, 2015

The Most Effective Movements to Help Your Upper Back and Neck Pain

Do you currently have upper back and neck pain?
70% of my clients have this debilitating pain which can be managed or resolved with a small amount of work.

Are you tired of not sleeping at night?

Wondering whether your neck or shoulder pain at the end of the week will ever go away?

This pain you feel is a big problem. The problem may be your lack of movement and strength. These days, you may be too busy to fit well being protocols into your life. If your health is suffering because of your pain, then read on.

Don’t risk missing out on life because you are in pain and too busy or lazy to do anything about it.

The Public Service Dirty 4 is the four of my most prescribed movements. In this PDF you’ll learn movement  principles you can apply both at work and at home.


You don’t need to hire a personal trainer or see a physiotherapist to get the most out of your body. After all, you’re the person who understands your body the best, shouldn’t you be the one to help it?

The Public Service Dirty 4 has the basics covered. You’ll learn the basics of movement, what to do, and when to unload your upper back and neck to feel better and be more productive in life.

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