March 29


TeleHealth for Exercise In Canberra

By Dan

March 29, 2020

Medicare, TeleHealth

TeleHealth is Now Available for Exercise Physiologists on Medicare

If you have Chronic Pain I can now visit you in your house via TeleHealth paid for by Medicare. 

What is TeleHealth?:

It is the utilisation of video services via your phone or computer to deliver Health Services including Exercise.

For you, this means I can still deliver pain reducing exercises, mobility drills and stretches to you at home.

What You Need to Do Now


Contact your GP and have a Telehealth Consult


Ask your GP to refer to Daniel O'Sullivan the Exercise Physiologist on the GP Chronic Health Plan, which will be delivered via Telehealth, bulk billed to Medicare. Or, I can even see you if you are on the NDIS, have an Insurance claim or a private client claiming through your Health Fund.


Contact me either by Online Booking or call me direct ph. 0402 837 864 and book in for a TeleHealth Session.

The Best Resources for TeleHealth Exercise In Canberra

Accelr8 Rehab

As mentioned above Accelr8 Rehab is the best place for you if you need to start exercising and managing your pain at Home via TeleHealth. Exercise Physiology prescription at home will help you with your Chronic Pain.

Book Online Now | Higher Function Physio & Pilates – Canberrra

Our online booking system allows you to book an initial consultation for physiotherapy and exercise physiology, clinical exercise assessment, subsequent consultations, independent gym sessions and clinical exercise classes!

Telehealth (online) consultations available NOW.  If you require manual therapy (hands on), please call us directly on 62629664

Higher Function Physio & Pilates – Canberra | Physiotherapy

At  Higher Function Physio & Pilates, located in Canberra City (Civic), we determine the cause of your physical problem and prescribe specific evidence-based therapeutic exercises and manual therapy to treat them. Our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists have the clinical knowledge and experience to improve your body function and performance. We treat musculoskeletal, sports and neurological conditions. We offer individual, semi-private (max.3 people) and small group therapy.

We keep up to date with the latest scientific research in musculoskeletal and sports medicine, and incorporate new advances into our treatments and Clinical Exercise Classes (formerly Clinical Pilates). All supervised services, including classes are claimable from most Private Health Insurance Funds.

UPDATE: Please click here to view our changes to services due to COVID-19

Canberra Exercise Physiologist | Canberra Health Network

Exercise physiologists (EPs) are university qualified allied health professionals  equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities. They utilise evidence based exercise for the treatment and management of any condition where exercise can improve a patients clinical status.  This is not limited to cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancer, kidney, respiratory / pulmonary and mental health conditions.

In order to achieve accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist (AEP) they are required to undergo extensive clinical practicum experience. Our Exercise Physiologists are both accredited.

Restricted Attendance

If you have:

  • been in contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case in the past 14 days
  • returned from overseas travel in the past 14 days
  • felt unwell, including but not limited to symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath

then your appointment at CCHN must be rescheduled for 14 days after your return from overseas or last contact with a COVID-19 case, or when your symptoms have resolved and you are no longer considered a risk.

We also recommend that patients who are over 70 years old, or suffer from chronic disease (in particular, cardiovascular or respiratory disease and poorly controlled diabetes), or are immunocompromised, defer non-urgent appointments (dental or otherwise).

Reception Area

CCHN has taken a no compromise approach to our additional protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We request that patients:

  • use alcohol-based hand sanitiser to disinfect your hands upon arrival as well as on departure from the practice
  • do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth or face
  • do not shake hands
  • attend appointments alone if possible, although we are mindful of consent requirements and family commitments.
  • Please do not pay in cash

We have:

  • removed the reception area magazines so please bring a book
  • adjusted seating in reception area to facilitate social distancing

Our reception staff are regularly disinfecting:

  • surfaces and chairs in the reception area
  • telephones, the EFTPOS machine and pens at the reception desk
  • all door handles
  • the buttons and railings of the lift to our practice

Patients may remain in their car or outside rather than wait in our reception area, however we ask that you call us to let us know that you have parked and are waiting in your car. We will call you when the practice is disinfected and prepared for you. Upon arrival at the practice you will be asked to wash and sanitise your hands prior to treatment.

Reduced Treatment Services

Following the ACT Government’s lockdown of non-essential services, CCHN has been confirmed as an essential health service thus we will continue to operate. There is no current advice or mandate from the Australian Government, World Health Organization, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Osteopathic Association and AHPRA that suggests allied health services should be limited or ceased.

In order to minimise unnecessary exposure, CCHN has reduced hours at our clinics to 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 2pm Saturdays (as of 4th April) and closed our Swinger Hill practice. Some of our practitioners are now moving to telehealth, through the Physitrack app, to replace face to face appointments. A detailed description on how to use Physitrack can be found on our website or by following this link

Appointment Scheduling

We have allocated additional time between appointments to enable additional infection control measures including environmental cleaning.

Regarding the Treatment of Patients Who Are at Risk of COVID-19

Having taken into consideration the safety of the team and other patients, CCHN will not treat patients who are at moderate to high risk of COVID-19 infection.

CCHN apologises most sincerely to any patient this may affect however we will do all that we can without physical presence in the practice. A clinician will conduct a telephone consultation and take measures that may assist with management including prescription of exercise or referral to a GP providing all relevant information to facilitate treatment there.

You may also contact the Australian Government COVID-19 Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 or the Healthdirect Hotline on 1800 022 222 or find up to date information at Australian Government Department of Health:

Thank you for your ongoing support

Because we care, we want to remind you that in times like these, our mental health can take a hit. Make sure to talk to friends, family and seek professional medical advice. Limit your exposure to sensational media, and stick to the facts. Lean on us and your own community!

Most importantly, remember to breathe through it all.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding your upcoming booking.

Telehealth Appointments | Canberra Health Network

What is a Telehealth consultation?

  • Telehealth consultation is a video consultation between you and your registered allied health professional.

How do I book?

  • Just like making an online booking for a face to face consultation, you can book online for a telehealth consultation

How do I know if my injury is suitable for a Telehealth consultation?

  • Your clinician is highly trained to provide you education and advice regarding a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions
  • However, if you are a falls risk patient you may be not recommended for a Telehealth consultation.
  • If you are not sure about whether your injury is suitable for this type of consultation we recommend you call us so we can discuss this with you in further detail.

How should I prepare?

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, with enough space to move around if needed (enough space roughly to lunge or lie down on your back)
  • Make sure you have enough lighting so your clinician can easily see you in the video.
  • Make sure you look into the camera and speak clearly so your voice will be picked up by the microphone
  • Be ready to talk about your injury / medical history

What technology do I need to participate in a Telehealth consultation?

  • Smart phones, tablets and desktop computers can be used to connect to your telehealth consultation.

What can I expect to happen in a telehealth consultation?

  • Just like in a normal appointment, your health professional will ask you detailed questions about your injury to obtain a comprehensive history about your presentation. This will assist them in making a provisional diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan.
  • They may ask you to complete some movement so they can see what your range of motion is like or if somewhere is painful on palpation
  • They will discuss their findings with you and provide you with information regarding your injury and how best to manage it.
  • You might receive a home exercise program or other self-management strategies for you to implement as part of your rehab
  • If you have any questions please feel free to ask your clinician. We are here to help you make a full recovery from your injury and support you in any way we can.

How long will my telehealth consultation be for?

  • Initial consultation: 1hr
  • Standard / Follow up Consultation: 45mins

How does Telehealth work?

To help you prepare for your Telehealth consultation we have prepared some information to assist you throughout the set-up process.

CCHN uses Physitrack which is a digital healthcare platform that allows health practitioners to not only assign exercise programs to their clients but to also allow for video consultations so you can still see and talk to your health professional about rehabilitation.

Set up steps:

  • Through your Apps Store on your smart phone or laptop you will need to download the PhysiApp App. This App is free to purchase.
  • Your clinician will send you via email (make sure you check your junk folder) or SMS a code to obtain access to an exercise program (which may be just be used temporarily to gain acess to the App and video call).
  • At the time of your appointment please have your PhysiApp open so you can easily access your incoming video call.
  • If at any time you are struggling please feel free to contact us on (02 6247 0733) and our friendly staff will talk you through the process.

Handy reminders:

  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, with enough space to move around if needed (enough space roughly to lunge or lie down on your back)
  • Make sure you have enough lighting so your clinician can easily see you in the video and enough space behind you to move around
  • Make sure you look into the camera and speak clearly so your voice will be picked up by the microphone
  • Be ready to talk about your injury / medical history


  • A CCHN admin will call you on the morning prior to your appointment to take payment over the phone. If you are struggling with any set up procedures please let them know so they can assist you.

For more information: PhysiApp_Telehealth_call instructions

Accelerate Physiotherapy | Physiotherapy Canberra, ACT ...

Our Telehealth consultations will deliver the same exceptional level of care as our in-clinic service , where our experienced team of physiotherapists will develop a tailored treatment plan designed to get clients to Accelerate their Potential.

2019 Accelerate Physiotherapy - Accelerate Your Potential | Garran Medical Centre, Unit 9, 2 Garran Place, Garran, ACT 2605

Telehealth physio - COVID-19 | Southside Physiotherapy ...

Southside Physio is happy to say that we now offer physio via telehealth. This is a face to face online consultation run just like a regular physio consulation, and amidst the recent Corona Virus outbreak, we figured it was a great time to roll out our new Telehealth package. 
 HOW to organise and participate in telehealth: 

1. Call us to book an appointment Tuggeranong: 6293 1955 OR Woden: 6282 5010

2. Recieve a link via email - this will allow you to log on to physitrack via your web browser OR download an app on your phone. 

100 pop-up clinics and free telehealth services on the way

Free telehealth services and pop-up testing clinics will be set up as part of the federal government's $2.4 billion health response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Telehealth to open up to all Australians | The Canberra Times 


Australians will be able to bulk-bill phone or video hook ups with their doctors from next week as health authorities work to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Telehealth services will be available to the entire population, allowing all Australians to consult remotely with general practitioners, specialists, and mental health and allied health professionals.

"That is an extremely important development," Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Tuesday.

"Very important to stress, however, that a very large proportion of GP services of course require face-to-face treatment."

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