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Fibromyalgia Canberra

Is Exercise Physiology the Best Treatment for Fibromyalgia?There is plenty of evidence in science today that Fibromyalgia (FMS) does exist. Exercise Physiology and Massage Therapy are the two best treatment modalities for this complex syndrome. For you, it is important to find a balance between exercising too much and not doing anything at all. Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy manipulates the tissue to reduce tension throughout the body. Whilst exercise keeps you …Read More

Chronic Pain Canberra

Chronic Pain Canberra Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating. Unfortunately, one in five Australians experience chronic pain, this includes Canberra. It is associated with 40% of early retirements in Australia and is the third most costly health burden. The incidence of chronic pain is predicted to increase by 10% per decade for the next four decades. Chronic pain is when a person experiences pain that can range from intense, to a milder …Read More