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Chronic Pain Canberra

Chronic Pain Canberra Chronic pain can be extremely debilitating. Unfortunately, one in five Australians experience chronic pain, this includes Canberra. It is associated with 40% of early retirements in Australia and is the third most costly health burden. The incidence of chronic pain is predicted to increase by 10% per decade for the next four decades. Chronic pain is when a person experiences pain that can range from intense, to a milder …Read More

Chronic back pain now can resolve within 12 months

A lower back pain study from the University of Sydney has found that between 30-40% of chronic lower back pain sufferers actually have no back pain 12 months after their initial diagnosis. ‘For people with recent onset chronic low back pain, 35% will recover by nine months and 41% by 12 months’ They report that the prognosis is less favourable for those who have taken previous sick leave for low …Read More