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Soft Tissue Therapy Canberra

Soft Tissue Therapy Canberra

Soft Tissue Therapy is the skilled manipulation of soft tissue for the relief and treatment of muscle soreness and pain; the maintenance of muscle balance and the enhanced rehabilitation from injury. Together with the soft tissue therapy, specific exercise prescription provides the stability and postural control which is evidently lacking in many musculoskeletal conditions.

On consultation with Accelr8 Rehab you will receive a detailed assessment of your condition/injury utilising many common orthopaedic tests, and from this, a treatment plan will be established.

I use a blend of bees wax and oil on the skin to achieve the required muscle release. During a soft tissue therapy session I will friction muscle, trigger point muscle, stretch the muscle, mobilise joints and facilitate the release of fascia. The combination of these methods return the body to its normal range of motion.

Dan O'Sullivan

At times there can be some discomfort felt during a session, however my aim is to ensure you have relief from pain and feel better at the completion of the session.

Please see my About Page if you need more information on me or my Contact Page if you need to see me for treatment.

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