February 2


3 Shoulder Exercises that will stabilize your Shoulder

By Dan

February 2, 2016

These 3 shoulder exercises will stabilize your shoulder.

These exercises are not mainstream, but are very important if you have chronic shoulder pain.

1. Standing One Arm Row

Such a simple exercise but so many people skip this basic movement. The one arm row strengthens not only the back muscles but also stretches the chest and mobilizes the thoracic spine. There are some key points you need to focus on to make this exercise as effective as possible. Check the video below:



2. Cable Two Arm High Row

As you age, your ability to reach above your head decreases. This exercise gives the user the ability to reach above their head with minimal pain whilst stabilizing the shoulder joint and strengthening the Lats. In this video I am sitting, you can sit or kneel. Check the video below:



3. Farmers Carry

This exercise help strengthen the shoulder joint by keeping the head of the humerus in the most desired position. I am walking in a straight line with the same weight each side. Check the video below:


 A great rehabilitation protocol is to combine these exercises with Rocktape. You may also like to include Remedial Massage for a more comprehensive strategy to resolve your pain over time.

The sets and reps and weight will vary depending on your injury. Please contact me if you would like more information on these exercises or share with a friend who has shoulder pain.

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