December 1


Aerobic and Resistance Training in Coronary Disease: Single versus Multiple Sets

By Dan

December 1, 2010

It has always been my suspicion that aerobic training alone is not as effective as combining resistance training and aerobic training. If anyone has trained under my guidance before they soon realise that I combine both strength work and aerobic training. In this study they found that the subjects undertaking 3 sets of resistance training and aerobic training increased their VO2max by 18%, compared to 1 set of resistance training and aerobic training to which the subjects increased by 14%, and aerobic training alone increase their VO2max by just 11%. Although these percentages are not significant between the groups I feel that the following points are significant:

  • The aerobic training and 3 set resistance training group gained more muscle mass than the aerobic training group.
  • The gains between aerobic training and aerobic training and resistance training 1 set, were about the same…
  • And only the aerobic training and combination resistance training groups demonstrated a reduction in body fat!!!

What does this mean?

I find if you have limited time during the week, I would always combine both strength training, minimum 3 sets per exercise, and aerobic training, in the one session.

Article Abstract here

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