February 2


3 Treatment Strategies for Healthy Shoulders

By Dan

February 2, 2016

1. Manual or Massage Therapy for Shoulder Pain

For shoulder pain, massage is the key. Massage therapy helps mobilize your shoulder as well as target trigger points. For me, after massage therapy on your shoulder, you should feel better and the treatment should not aggravate your pain.

There are specific treatment protocols to enhance joint movement and decrease shoulder discomfort. To book a session with me please click here.

2. Rocktaping the Shoulder

Generally Rocktaping will come after massage therapy. Taping your shoulder decreases pain but also promotes new motor patterns. I tape my clients after a massage and then prescribe them specific exercises.

Recently I have found for very painful shoulders that The Jelly System is the most effective taping technique. Read about The Jelly System here, or click here for more information about Rocktape in general.

3. Exercise for Shoulder Pain

I would have to say that people work their shoulders too much in rehabilitation. Initially after shoulder surgery I understand that the client needs to achieve specific range of movement and strength goals.

In this article I’m talking about effective exercises that can be performed 12 weeks after surgery, or exercises for someone who has chronic shoulder pain.

When performing shoulder exercises, the shoulder should not hurt too much. Also, don’t push the exercise until you feel a burn, you are doing more damage.

For more information about exercises, see 3 Shoulder Exercises that will stabilize your Shoulder.

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