February 2


How I regularly help over 90 clients a month and why they keep coming back

By Dan

February 2, 2016

I have 312 clients in my database who have seen me in the past 8 months. Some of those clients are weekly, fortnightly, monthly and some are only a few times a year.

But….many of them have chronic shoulder pain.

Why do people see me?

  1. To Reduce Pain
  2. Be more confident in their movement
  3. Other treatments have failed
  4. I am good value for money
  5. I Have simple strategies for time poor people

Take for example, Ian. I was first introduced to Ian on the 21st June 2012 from an existing client. Ian has a number of conditions including chronic pain, but the main reason he was referred to me was for his chronic shoulder pain.

Pain when sleeping, pain when lifting his arms and he generally was very miserable.

In that particular appointment I massaged him and gave him some exercise to help his shoulders. I did not see him again for 2.5 years.

This was not because he was not in pain anymore it was because he had really given up hope on his shoulders and had more pressing pain issues including ankle surgery and hip replacement surgery.

Fast forward to the 25th November 2014, and Ian was back with the same shoulder pain. Since then he had two surgeries on different parts of his body, but now his shoulders were bothering him the most.

I took a slightly different approach this time.

Ian definitely has Type III shoulders, read more about Type III shoulders here.

Firstly, I taped his shoulder. See this article on how shoulder taping works.

Secondly, I gave him some specific exercises to help his shoulders. Find out more about these exercises here.

Ian Good Shoulders


Since Ian first saw me in November 2014, he has had 55 exercise appointments with me.

Now that may seem a lot…..but each appointment only lasts about 20min…..

And he has no shoulder pain.

He also compliments the exercise he does with me, with some exercise at home.



Ian is now more confident with his movement, and has a more positive outlook on life.

I have many clients like Ian. Each with their struggles with pain and discomfort.

Let me know what you are struggling with at the moment. I will spend the time with you to help you manage your pain.

For starters, click below for a free download of the exercises I prescribe Ian.

Ian Summer 2016 Program

Of course I am running a business here, so if you know of a friend or family member who could utilize my services please put them in contact with me.

Meanwhile, Ian and I will still be working towards an improved lifestyle.

Thanks, D.





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