October 17


Steady State Aerobics – Not the best use of your time

By Dan

October 17, 2012

Going to the gym or training facility is expensive and very time consuming. Don’t get me wrong it is a great way to spend money and use your time, however, have a think about how you actually use that time.

Traditionally as exercise programmers, we put people on a treadmill or bike and say way you go for half an hour. It still happens today.

You can use that half hour of exercise on a stationary machine a little bit more effectively by incorporating shorter interval sessions on a given machine.

Drop your total exercise time down to ten minutes. Start working at a slow pace for thirty seconds, then speed up for the next thirty seconds and then slow down again for the next 30 sec. Continue this cycle until ten minutes is complete. The ratio of work to rest is 1:1. This is classified as a difficult workout, but its only short so you can handle it. For the other twenty minutes you can start with some stabilization exercises and weight training. More on that later.

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