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I'm Erin and it's Time To Move Forward

If you have a cardiovascular condition, diabetes, chronic pain, autoimmune disease or are moving through Cancer Recovery, and need to Exercise, then let's get together.

I also work with children with ASD, people who have had, pre hip/knee replacement surgery, arthritis, and post bariatric surgery.

While my current area of passion and focus is specifically around helping those going through a cancer journey ( pre, during & post) and those who are over 65 and are wanting to prevent falls, increase mobility and longevity through movement.

I enjoy the challenge of all clients and look forward to meeting you soon.

Accelr8 Rehab Exercise Physiologist 

I Have a Plan For You

Your First Appointment

If you have Chronic Pain, or trying to Exercise more because you have a Chronic Condition, it is a good idea at your first appointment that we chat and get to know each other a bit better.

What To Bring To Your First Appointment

Wear some comfortable clothes to Exercise in. Trust me, we won't work too hard, but we will work enough to make you feel good about the exercise you did. Also, if you have a referral from your Doctor, please bring it, and any other reports you have.

What Happens At The End Of Our First Appointment

There are a number of ways we can proceed after our first appointment. We can get together the following week, one on one, or we can do a group class, or we can develop a home program for you. 

Enjoy and Find Your Why

The most important thing is to enjoy your time with us and keep true to your why. What is your why? Your why is something true to you. You are not seeing me just to exercise. You are seeing me not just to get healthy, but maybe its to keep sharing your time with family or friends or passing on what you have learnt in life so far.