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Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Canberra

Cardiac Rehab Exercise Canberra – Click Here I conducted this case study on a 67 year old man who initially presented to the emergency department with shortness of breath and anxiety. Approximately 10 years previously he was diagnosed with asthma and hypertension. On further evaluation by a cardiologist the man was diagnosed with chronic heart failure without any myocardial infarction or valvular heart disease. His clinical notes also indicated left …Read More

Chronic Shoulder Pain

Chronic Shoulder Pain I have had some very interesting clients over the past few months. Four clients in particular with shoulder pain. I love shoulders. When I was younger I would shoulder fly, press and any other movement I could think of to work my shoulders. Twenty years on, I am now more knowledgeable on the appropriate exercises for the shoulders as well being able to mange clients with painful …Read More

Complementary Rocktaping this Friday 6pm 26th September

Hi, that’s right. Complementary Rocktaping this Friday the 26th September at 6pm – 6.30pm. Considering it only takes me approximately less than 3 minutes per application, I should be able to squeeze in quite a few people. So if you have something sore for your sport this weekend, or your Gran has bad knees or your son has some tight muscles, this is a great opportunity to try some Rocktape. …Read More

Knee Pain

Knee pain is very painful. From Minisus pain to all sorts of discomfort it is bad. So the pain satrts in the knee and extensds in to the hip and then radiates doen into the ankle LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET ELIT Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do LOREM IPSUM DOLOR! ​From here the idea is to strap the knee and have it looked at on …Read More

Are you a Stiffy or a Floppy?

A colleague of mine Brad Hiskins reminded me a few weeks ago that generally people can either be a stiffy or a floppy. I’m a stiffy. That is my joint range of movement is average to below average, I don’t enjoy yoga because it is hard, I love land based sports and body contact. Does this sound like you? Or are you a floppy? You love yoga, cause its easy, …Read More

Rocktape Knee Application

This client had a bike crash about 6 weeks ago. On the day of taping she still had some medial knee pain and top of the patella pain when trying to apply power whilst riding. Watch the short movie to see how I Rocktaped the knee. The movie is 4 days after the Rocktape was applied. The client set a new PB on her ride and had no knee pain. …Read More