June 19


Can I Refer you to SaveYourself.ca

By Dan

June 19, 2011

My Favourite Resource

SaveYourself.ca publishes many free articles of interest to any curious doctor or therapist. Many of them are quite controversial (and interesting), but all of them are thoroughly referenced. For instance, according to Mr. Ingraham, research increasingly shows that a stretching habit isn’t good for warmup, injury prevention, preventing muscle soreness, or even for flexibility, and he also has a large and advanced article about the science of how stretching may (or may not) affect myofascial trigger points. In “(Almost) Never Ice Low Back Pain!”, he explains a common and important exception to conventional wisdom about icing and heating injuries; he also explains that there is no evidence or reason to believe that bathing in Epsom salts aids recovery from muscle soreness or injuries. Here are several others that stand out:

SaveYourself.ca also has an actual readers’ guide for the site just for professional visitors, with a lot more links.

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